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Serena Crawford S.A.C.O.B (SA) I.T.E.C. (UK)

I started my career, 44 years ago as a Deep Tissue Massage Therapist working with Dr Steven Gunn in, South Africa.

Registered and insured with the International Institute For Complimentary Therapists Number: 2107146219

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"As an Integrative Medicine physician I have had the pleasure and good fortune to have known and worked with Ms Serena Crawford in my medical practice and Integrative Medicine Clinic in Durban, South Africa, where I treated thousands of patients from all walks of life, social and cultural backgrounds and from many countries around the world. Serena played a vital role in the holistic health management of these patients, especially with respect to dietary and lifestyle advice, therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, clinical reflexology and lymphatic drainage massage therapy. She played an integral and valuable role in their treatment and recovery. Serena has always been very professional, friendly, of a cheerful disposition and an excellent teacher of her profession as a Healthcare Practitioner. I have known her for approximately 29 years and can highly recommend her and her Healthcare professional services to any patient or client."
Dr Steven W Gunn. Chief Medical Officer and Integrative Medicine Physician LIFEXMED

Deep Tissue Massage

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Therapeutic Reflexology

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Canine Massage

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