My career..a brief history!

I started my career off as a Massage Therapist in South Africa and worked with Dr Steven Gunn in his practice in Durban.

After many years of study, progressed onto becoming a Lecturer and then a Principal of a Nationally and Internationally Accredited and Examined College in South Africa.

Many years later, I was invited to become an International Examiner and Subject Matter Expert in various Natural Healing Therapies, working in many countries for the International Therapy Examinations Council (I.T.E.C).

I eventually settled in West Kirby, England and now work as a Professional Body and Mind Therapist, utilising my vast knowledge and experience to help clients of all ages with their muscular and joint pain (As part of a session, I look at how you are standing, sitting, walking and your sleeping position).

I also help clients with their mental and emotional state and their own attitudes. Often we carry stress, pain and sadness from our early years, adding to it as we go along in our busy lives and bury it in our bodies.

This often presents as pain and discomfort and releasing this can have a profound healing of pain in our body and mind.

Goal setting is also a wonderful way of helping my clients.

A relxed chat about what you are eating/drinking or what you should be eating/drinking also goes a long way to improving body and mind health.

Plus having been rushed to hospital to have a life saving and life changing emergency ileostomy operation in 2010, I am able to understand and help clients who have undergone life changing operations and situations themselves.

(Special thanks to Mr Walsh and the Team at Arrowe Park Hospital)

I love my profession and receive a lot of satisfaction sharing my knowledge and expertise with my clients.Serena Crawford

The Power of Touch

serena-massaging1Having grown up on farms in Africa, I was fortunate to experience the healing power of touch by observing the animals and birds, and how they gently caressed one of their own when they were ill or stressed. I noticed how the animals and birds would be soothed and yet energised by touch!

They would also eat certain grasses, herbs and flowers when they were unwell. Observing them made me realise, that this natural healing process would work for humans as well.

As a result, I have been involved in the Natural Healing Field, both nationally and internationally for the last 40 years.