I am a Qualified and Insured Holistic Animal Massage Therapist.

A lifetime of connection and interaction with animals of all types.

I also have studied with the founder of Whole Energy Body Balance for Animals, Dr Edward Bassingthwaite, who is a Holistic Vet.

Studies indicate 53% of pets are suffering from “silent pain”, which is trapped in the neurofascial tissue .

Your beautiful pet could be suffering from this “silent pain” that may be causing them to be stressed, grumpy, not wanting to walk far, unable to jump into the car anymore, or may be causing them to sleep a lot.

I remember as a child, having grown up on various farms in Africa, I noticed healthy animals often surrounded the sick animals. There was a transference of touch and energy from the healthy animals to the sick animals, which I found fascinating.

We can help your animals by teaching you to apply specific massage techniques to lessen the mental anxiety and or physical pain your pet may be experiencing so you can apply them yourself at home.

Contact my mobile at +44-07875 342179 or via my e-mail at to book an appointment.

I am also available via Zoom.

An hour session is £50.

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