Anxiety & Sadness

Helping You Alleviate Anxiety & Sadness

We’ve all encountered times of sadness and anxiety, but when these emotions become trapped within our minds and bodies, they can obscure how we see our everyday life and our path to health and happiness.

Let us work together to release these burdens, restoring clarity, and reclaiming your joy and health in life.

Together, we’ll embark on a journey towards holistic wellbeing, nurturing both body and mind back towards a better enjoyment of life in the now and a state of equilibrium and vitality.

If you are dreading a forthcoming operation, I can provide support and guidance with:

  • Pre-operation anxiety 
  • Post-operation mental recovery 

Picture this … the fog gently lifting … revealing a calm and clear-headed you… ready to be truly present and enjoy life again.


Consultations & Sessions

The process during a session is dedicated to uncovering where you’ve stored past and present anxieties and sadness in both your mind and body. This trapped emotional energy frequently manifests as unexplained pain and tension throughout your body.

By releasing these burdens, clients often experience a remarkable reduction in mental and physical discomfort, paving the way for increased relaxation, improved mobility, and a profound sense of emotional liberation.

It’s your right to enjoy life again.

During an Anxiety & Sadness Session, face-to-face in my clinic or on ZOOM, we will together and work out a plan of action to help you. An hours session is £55.

Call me on 07875 342 179