Foot Care

In my many years of training in South Africa, we were taught how to gently remove hard skin, and to trim and file the toe nails.

I put great importance on gently massaging the feet from toes to above the knees to increase both local blood and lymphatic circulation.

The treatment also helps to gently reduce swelling and promote mobility.

A regular treatment like this greatly assists not only the feet but also generally with the mental and emotional health of elderly and bed ridden clients.

A gentle foot and leg massage has the ability to enable elderly and bed ridden clients to talk about their own anxiety and fears, which helps with then relaxing the mind and body.

I am often asked to treat clients in Care Homes or in their own homes.

A consultation is always undertaken before a foot care treatment is given.

The importance of healthy feet


Foot Care involves general treatment of the feet. Such care helps to lessen pain, discomfort and swelling, all with the goal to keep people mobile and active as possible.

Such treatments help to alleviate day-to-day foot problems.

Consultations & Sessions

Feet and upper leg Care Treatment session lasts an hour and costs £45.

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